Our Research

Central to the democratic system is elections; if democracy is the rule by consent, elections are the vehicle to make it so – they are synonymous with each other. Elections are a checks-and-bounds balancing system, enabling the people of a nation to uproot their government if dissatisfied with it. Without elections, the definition of a democracy is mute.

Pasewan, therefore, takes great care in undertaking local field research and analysis of electoral data. Compiling the information into insightful conclusions, and publish the results on our website for anyone to access for free.

Governmental responsiveness comes from the efficiency and trustworthiness of elections. It advances the power structures consider the people because they decide who governs in office – holding the representatives in check.

But to achieve this belief in the system, accurate counting of voting results, acceptance of electoral laws, and a fairly-weighted voting system are paramount in achieving a bright future of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.

Consequently, training of parliamentary candidates across Iraq in electoral law, elections campaign techniques, and digital literacy. While we also educate independent election observers overseeing the election booths to root out any malpractice.

During the general elections in Iraq, 2021, Pasewan, with the German NGO Konrad Adenauer Foundation played a crucial role. We trained 951 female parliamentary candidates, achieving a more nuanced perspective and an improved representation of the people.