How we work

We value all voices and believe that every person has something to contribute to the conversation. Beyond research, Pasewan fights disinformation and misinformation by monitoring the information ecosystem in local languages, identifying disinformation / misinformation, investigating it, and debunking it.


Pasewan strives to produce unbiased research that offers valuable insights and analyses that address the complex problems facing Iraq. Though there is a wide variety of issues to address, Pasewan focuses on those that are most pressing and require attention from politicians and policymakers. By empowering them with information, they can make informed decisions on behalf of the public.


As Pasewan does this important work, the following values will be upheld: safety, integrity, accountability, teamwork, respect, and community. In particular, Pasewan will prioritise communication and consensus in every action taken by the organisation. There is power in the collective capacity for action and change, and Pasewan seeks to empower all people to be part of that collective.


How Pasewan goes about this is also important. There is a strong commitment to horizontal integration, organic growth, and taking advantage of the collective capacity to develop public policy. Pasewan knows that it takes a community, together, to take action. Thank you for partnering with Pasewan and supporting this mission to create positive change in Iraq.


We are proud to be an equal opportunity employer.