Information Disorder


Our Research

If truthful and factual media is of paramount importance, then the opposite is likewise crucial to avoid. Fake news or disinformation is rampant on social media, sowed from interested parties from either monetary or political agendas.

This is why Pasewan’s singular focus is on combatting information disorder through evidence-based research, close monitoring, and generally raising public awareness on the harm of fake news.

Dishonesty and misinformation are nothing new within news and media, new or old. But a surge in it can seed distrust in the systems of a nation and governmental structure, which is then a breeding ground for corruption. As the philosopher Hannah Arendt says, “If everybody lies to you, the consequence is not that you believe the lies, but rather that nobody believes anything any longer.”

So, in the relentless pursuit of Pasewan fighting disinformation, we employ continuous research and public surveys. We also closely monitor social media: to identify, investigate, and disprove misinformation and fake news.

Likewise, we are currently developing an Artificial Intelligence System to examine the information ecosystem in the region, analysing prospective data in several local languages.