Our Research

If elections are the vehicle for democracy and a brighter future, an unbiased and informative media apparatus is its engine.

Media, as a reason, is referred to as the Fourth Estate – the sense-making machine of a nation. It informs the public to ensure that the right people are elected on the proper grounds, to enforce the right policies to propel the region into a better tomorrow.

A functioning media apparatus has to be identified by a few requirements to make it as well-functioning as possible.

These are a prevalence of media variety – covering different topics and bringing nuanced information to the public. Likewise, a focus on impartiality, or transparency of bias, with a wide selection of independent media institutions. These factors bring stability in the nation proper and increase confidence from the people towards the media itself.

Pasewan, aiming to improve the quality of journalism in the Kurdistan region through experienced journalists, academics, and cyber experts, train local journalists to conduct research to aid parliamentary bills. Furthermore, focus on the training of accountability, integrity, and empowerment for the local journalists is central to Pasewan’s media vision.

Lastly, Pasewan acts as a supportive role in the distillation of information and data to aid the journalistic apparatus in the Kurdistan region – ensuring factual information.